Baux Acoustic Panels?


I've been looking for sound absorbing treatment for the wall behind my listening couch, with an eye for something that will fit the decor of my room. I've found Baux Acoustic Panels, which seem to fit the bill:

However, does it look like these would work well for a music setup - or are they mostly meant for commercial / office use? Looking at the absorption coefficient plot (through the above link) they seem to work mostly in the 500hz+ range, is that typical for sound absorbing panels? Just want to be sure that these will be suited for a music setup.

Thank you!


Yeah, these are meant more for office type situations.  The coefficient of 0,9 means it absorbs 90% at 2000 hz.  This is mostly the high midrange and voice area.  It's meant to cut down slap echo and voice/noise in the office area.  The other frequencies at 0,6 or less are actually a very poor acoustic panel for audio room purposes.  You're better off looking at GIK Acoustics impression or art series:

The Impression panels will reflect some of the mids/highs since they have a cut wood panel front.