BAT VK-P5 6922 tube question ?

I am trying to find out which 6922 tubes are the most sensitive for tube rolling. There are 8x6922 and 2 rectifier tubes. 4 pcs of 6922 are located the rear and the others in the center.
Thank you.
The 6922
What do you mean by 'The 6922'
There are 8 pcs of 6922, which ones are you talking about.
Hi the middle two at the rear. These are the "input" tubes. I used to have a P5, then a p10, then a p10SE, then a p10SE superpak.

Good money spent here is well rewarded. I liked JAN 7308's. Make sure the sections are matched then ditto for each tube.
Jfreh, Thank you.
I am sure you know what you are talking about.
Yes, now, I do understand the exact pair of 6922.
V101 and V201 are the middle two in the rear.
Yes, you can also call BAT on this. You may need to rebias after you change those tubes. It's pretty easy, but requires the cover to be off...4 hours of warm up (approx) and a meter. BAT can assist here to...
Sorry about digging up an oldish thread. But, I am also about to roll the tubes in my VK-P5. I have a matching set of 8 Amperex JAN 7308 (white label) I'd like to drop in.

Where can I find information on rebiasing?

Any other words of the wise, before I embark on this journey?

Hi call or email BAT. They'll have the instructions they can send you. I used to have them, but long lost. I think you'll love the better tubes. It's a great phono stage!

It's not to hard and does make a difference when the bias is will need a meter and a small plastic screwdriver, voltages are high inside there.