BAT VK-60 tubes

I have an older VK-60,"C" boards, with original working output tubes. Any ideas on where to get new 6C33 tubes?
A couple years ago, BAT said go to dealer. Dealer only had used tubes. Upscale Audio sent me 2 tubes, both defective, although they had supposedly been tested. Any ideas on retubing?
If it's within your budget, do what I did, send the VK-60 to the factory for the SE upgrade and new tubes. This will make it one of the very best amps around. You can call the factory, they are as good as it gets with helping. Chuck
Try contacting Andy Bouwman at vintage tube services in Rockford Michigan. His web site is ( Tubes are his only business and he is meticulous at testing what he sells to assure that the product is in good shape.
Cfjohn, I was all set for the SE upgrade last year until Victor informed me of the board situation. And with "C" boards, it's not very cost effect at over $4k. So, I bought a 30SE preamp, and got all the SE magic plus big improvement on the 3i that I had.
Even the board upgrade is pricey, so with the old tubes about the only sensible thing is to just retube. Even with the old tubes the sound is still supreme.
BTW, how do you find the 60SE to differ from the non SE-60?
Scifi, Thanks for the tip. Just spent an hour at vintage tubes. Seems to be a good way to go. Have you bought any tubes there? Steve
Has anyone here tried using Mullard ECC-34's as a pre-driver tube in the BAT VK-60? Chris Kipp at the Audio Gallery in Sacremento told me that this was THE tube to use.
I bought all new tubes from Upscale Audio. Everything worked fine for me, except the sound. It's awesome. Best $300 bucks I've spent...
Vintage Tube Services...ask for Andy

Atma-Sphere ask for Ralph 651-690-2246
NOS 6SN7's just arrived from Upscale. Kevin Deal is the real deal on these. Music is just like Jfrech mentioned - AWESOME
Which NOS 6SN7's?
Brianw, the 6SN7's are early 60's Russian, no less, that Kevin is using on the VK-60 retube. There are 2 different ones for the 2 front tubes ($5 more as well). They may not look as nice as American made, but the sound is really good!
BTW, these tubes are also available from ATSI, but with no differentiation between the 2 front tubes and the 6 back tubes.
Hi Shari...

If you got some defective 6C33 please let me know as we stand behind our tubes. That tube is impossible to test in traditional testers, as they draw so much filament current. And most people don't need them matched...

But I paid the gentleman that does our service and repairs to have them tested one by one in a custom built amp, that way we would have them matched. There is one amp that does need them matched...the Panther (a beast) we did a slew of them.

The old Russian 6SN7 have been a hoot. They are 1964 vintage, and I picture Kruschev pounding his shoe on a desk while these were being made. I don't know if you read the docs that came in the box....what a time that must have been. They sound great, and will not give you a lick of trouble.
As stated in my earlier post, I have heard that using the ST style, large plate Mullard ECC-34 is the hot replacement for the 6SN7 in the BAT VK-60. The Mullard ECC-34 provides better dynamics, better mid-range, & more natural presence. I was just wondering if these were what you had bought. Thanks!
The re-tube is complete. This has been the most cost effective upgrade imaginable.
Highly recommended to anyone with an older VK-60 with age and a mix of tubes.
The 6C33's from BAT are expensive and can be gotten from other places for less.
Matching not important with the vk-60, so can save a bit by shopping. The tubes all come from same plant in Russia.
The 6SN7's from Upscale are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
Jeepers...thanks. They are a great tube. And cheap. And durable. We found those in South America believe it or not. So it's been a nice deal for customers.