Bass in Phono Stages

Is the use of moving coil step up transformers impacting low-end? 

Michael Fremer's review of Zesto Audio Andros Téssera phono preamplifier:
"In short, the Andros Téssera traded bottom-end authority and grippy bass for the fully developed textures and sonorous midrange that even the best solid-state designs somewhat lose track of."
This phono preamp is using Jensen moving coil transformers.

Audio Mirror's web site:
"Using transformer is less noisier, but sound is clean sterile with not very good low end and image."

Is the impacted low-end a property of step up transformers or the overall design? I am curious if Michael Fremer used his Ypsilon step up transformers and the MM input of the Zesto he would feel the same way about the bottom-end.

What is your experience with phono stages and step up transformers? 

I avoid SUTs on account of they rob the phono of detail and often bass impact too.

The Jensens are some of the best out there FWIW.