bass allignment filter?

Just purchaced a used b&w B.A.F. for the matrix 800 series. It is set for the 801s and I need it set for the 802s. Does anyone own one and have the manual so I can set this for the 802s
Rudyzig If you call B&W they will fax a manual to you but in the meantime here are the codes: There are two sets of 10 switches. left is on, right is off. One is at the bottom and 0 at the top. 1-off 2-on 3-on 4-off 5-on 6-off 7-on 8-on 9-off 0-on Weird thing is the 802 and the 804 are setup identically. Let me know how you like it. I didn't care for it on the 804's. Jim
jimmm thankyou Im going to get on it right. Ill let you know what I think tomorro
Jimmm18 on mine the numbers go 1-10 not 0 and the left side is labeled: ON . Do you think we have the same baf I set it the way you explained. I did have to move a bunch of switches. I cant test till tomorro Its late here and I live in a apartment. So Ill post tomorro. thanks again
Well we agree on the left side is on, the 0 is probably 10 but the manual has it marked as 0. The 801 and 802 are very different setups, so it makes sense that you had to move a lot of switches. I have not opened mine up to see if it is exactly the same as the manual, but I remember it to be very close.
jimmm18 Well Ive done some listening with the baf set to your code and it is working better than when it was set for the 801. Ive noticed audibly that the bass responce is extended with the baf. I have not tested with a meter but plan to.The only way audibly was with a disc that starts real low around 15htz and gradually goes up. The speakers responded quicker with the baf ingaged. (I have it in a tape loop easy to switch back and fourth) Also it did so at a lower volumn level. Another way I knew is because in this frequency I could tell by the resonance. My Home can not take alot of low frequency levels well It tend to rattle the windows and such. This happened at volumns with the baf engaged that did not occur when it was not. But most of all I liked the fact that my mids and highs were not compromised. Im a purist so to speak and I was really skeptical putting my source through another unit. What didnt you like about the baf. I never heard the matrix 804s. I heard the nautilus. (I still havent heard from b&w they definetly have the worst customer service I have experienced in this industry)
I tried the B&W filter and I didn't care much for it. I am much more pleased with the Golden Flutes, you could find them used for ~$150.00. They're just what the 802's need, and they don't mess up the transparancy.
Bob, what are these 'Golden Flutes' you like so much. I own 802's and added the Sound Anchor stands which helped.
I have a set of Golden Flutes for the 802 Matrix for sale. Much better than the B&W filter. E mail me if interested.
I heard the golden flutes were noisy as hell and had to be kept away from the pre amp I had a guy who was going to give me one for free
If your Golden Flutes are noisy then they're defective.
I believe there is a web site for golden flutes just do a serch. Yes I agree with Putty the sound anchor stands will also do wonders for bass. I use a home made stand with spikes.
The Krell and Anodyne units are better.
A friend of mine got a pair of Matrix 802 Series III and the setting-up given above doesn't work properly. Someone got another numeration? Thanks!