Balanced Cables for McIntosh / Wadia

Looking for interconnect suggestions from actual users for balanced (xlr) cables between my Wadia X64 dac and McIntosh C42 preamp,and from the preamp to McIntosh MC501 monobloc amps.Wadia 8 transport and Vandersteen 3A Signature spkrs.with Kimber 8VS cables completes the system.Looking for cables with great resolution/detail top to bottom and superb bass.Not up front or brighter sounding,but still with superb treble detail.Tried Kimber Hero,currently using Signal Cable Silver which has great bass and detail everywhere,but is too up front for my taste.Not sure if silver/combo is right for me.Appreciate your thoughts please.

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On the other end of the scale, I use the CH Acoustic X20 full cable loom. They just get out of the way and let you hear how good your components really are. I highly recommend them!