Backup SACDs with PS3 Playstation 3

So I've done a great deal of research on this and yes, have already read the other thread on this forum. I have a sizable SACD collection and have recently picked up a vintage 2006 60GB PS3 (CECHA01) running Software/Firmware Version 3.01.

I know the steps, but want to make sure I don't screw this up as I understand you can "brick" the unit - does this mean make it non-operational?... And "jail breaking" it means to get it working again?...

Anyway. If anyone here has been down this path to back up their SACDs and possibly play them with a DSD music server and DAC I would be interested in any comments or suggestions.



P.S. It is my understanding that I am fully within my legal rights to make a backup of any and all media I have purchased.
I'm pretty sure I saw instructions on how to do this at
Here are the instructions

Once done, you can rip your SACDs to SACD ISO. This is great since you can play it direct in JRiver MC, or convert to any DSD or PCM format you like.

Works like a charm. :-)

One very important thing to remember is that those particular vintage PS3 units have bad solder joints under the main chips. Make sure to give it a rest after ripping couple of SACDs. Also, put it on tall feet and make sure it has lots of air to breathe. A small external fan also works good.

Good luck!