Backup battery UPS for my system...

Does anyone have any recommendations?

What are you currently using and why did you choose it?

Many thanks,

I'm using the Pure A/V Hybrid UPS.

In the summer months, I get occasional brownouts and dropouts(1-2 seconds), so I needed something to protect my gear. After doing some research, this unit appears to be the best bargain for it's features.

It's worked flawlessly for me for about 9-12 months now. If you do some looking around, it's possible to find it for half of it's list price.

I use a APC unit that gives me about 5min power to get Projector and amps shut down, I really just use it for Projector......its nice to run a lamp for a couple hours and charge cell phone in emergency. If you shut donw stuff quick it can handle small loads for a good amount of time.
I use a Cyberpower UPS, made for computers and purchased 6 years ago for under $100. I had to replace the lead acid battery once 2 years ago for $35. I use it mainly to protect the DSP-based pre-pro from voltage dips caused by my amps turning on. The voltage dips were causing the pre-pro (Sherwood-Newcastle P-965) to malfunction. Problem solved with UPS.

Chad, I'm surprised you are able to use your battery backup with your amps. Most battery backups I have seen have wattage/current limits well below that demanded by a decent-sized amplifier.
I share Javachips reaction to using a UPS on an amp. If you search the forums you will be hard pressed to find anyone doing or advising this. In fact most consider this to be a big no-no especially with amps. Props to Chadnliz for doing his own evaluation!

When I redid my HT I put in a UPS specifically to handle the DirectTV DVR and AppleTV which are in fact computers with hard drives.

Everything else runs into a BPT (no battery backup) then into a wall.

Let us know what you end up with.
Only my HT amp is in that unit, the 2 channel monsters and all the rest of my sterao gear are not on that line. Sorry I didnt clarify but again my biggest concern was the Projector and some of the more memory sensitive gear thats a pain to set up after a blink out.
The double-conversion type re-create the power, but it's hard to say if it's a stepped-sine or true-sine output. The stepped-sine is going to have a boatload of harmonics on it.

I have a Best Power Ferrups FE at home that is double-conversion and isolated. True sine output. The Liebert GXT looks to be that type too. They can be loud, so be careful what you choose.

My big APC units at the lab are double conversion and stepped sine. Very small steps, but stepped.

Can anyone please update us on UPS systems?

For a normal PC and LCD monitor, how long will these devices provide power in the event of a brown out or black out?

An IT firm has recommended APC for a new computer system, but I am wondering if some manufacturers might be better than others for PC audio, or otherwise more closely aligned with audiophile sensibilities.

If they are all the same, I welcome one in an anodized aluminum case with red LEDs or something, instead of something that looks like it was on sale at Staples.

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas on uninterrupted power supplies.

I use both the Pure Power 2000 and the Pure Power 1050. What is great about these units is that besides having a battery back-up, they also regenerate pure and clean current so that your equipment can sound its best.