B&W Speaker Placement

I am very new to the "high end" audio game, and would welcome any suggestions on speaker placement for my system. First, my room is 15 X 19. With the listening position 13Ft. from the speakers/TV. My system is as follows.
Lexicon MC1 Processor
Marantz MA500 Amps (5)
B&W CDM7nt (front)
B&W CDMSnt (rears)
B&W CDCCse (center)
Pioneer Elite DV-37/DVD&CD
Musical Design/Aura Speaker wire (are these decent?)
This system is very clear & detailed on movies, however on music, I dont seem to get the WIDE or DEEP soundstage that I want. Any suggestions for a rookie would be welcome.
I had a similar system and room as what you listed. 1st of all, you need to check speaker placement so that "ALL" speakers are angled towards the "sweet spot". Then you need to setup your speaker config and then adjust the output levels on your Lexicon. Now, in order to do this you will need a "Sound Level Meter" (this can be purchased at Radio Shack). I would have the center channel up at least 3-5 db's higher than the mains. Question: Why don't or aren't you using side speakers? Your Lexicon is setup for a 7.2 (7-speaker, 2-sub) system, if used, this would definitely add to your soundstage, especially with DTS encoded music disc's. Lastly, if you don't have a sub (with your equipment, the Sunfire True Sub would be a reccomendation), this would be very beneficail in getting the soundstage you require. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the response. I do not have a sub or sides. Got to ease the wife into this. The sub will be next.
I have B&W CDM 9NT for two channel stereo. Make sure to have enough room behind the front two speakers. When I moved the speakers from 2ft from the wall to 3ft from the wall, the difference was big. Also, you want to place the speakers as far apart as possible without losing the center image (use female vocal to calibrate), but not too close to side walls or you'll have other problems. Then your listening spot should be about corner of equilateral triangel. Hope this helps..
Thanks for the info. Moving them out from the wall gives me better, quicker bass, and a little better depth, still not very wide with the "stage". Do you toe your speakers in? Also what speaker wire do you use.Thanks
I recently changed from Radioshack Megacable 12AWG (25 ft) to Kimber Kable 8TC (8 ft). While the change definitely gave me clearer presentation, I would say the sound stage (at least for my case) was more to do with how far the two front speakers were apart. I did lots of experiments with the speaker placements, and the sound stage was clearly related with the speaker distance. I do toe-in the speakers, which is for better focus.

Just to see how the sound stage changes, you can put your two speakers near the side walls. This will cause many other problems but to see if how big sound stage you can get.

If you haven't done so yet, I'd recommend you to check out Audio Asylum FAQ. Go to http://www.audioasylum.com/, and then at the top right corner there is "Audio Answers". Click it to go to "Speaker Positioning Resources".
Hey, Thanks again. Looks like I need to experiment ALOT with placement to find the correct position. Great info @ Audioasylum as well.
I've done a lot of experimenting with speaker placement and find that I get the best results spreading the speakers apart as much as possible while keeping them away from room surfaces such as side and rear walls. Also I have found that the sound stage collapses with even a slight toe-in so I have the speakers facing straight out with no toe-in at all. My room is 13 x 21 and I have the speakers on the short wall a little over 5 feet from the rear wall and roughly 2.5 feet from the side walls.
My speakers sound best about 1/3 into the room with a listening position about 1/3 from the back wall.