B&W Sig 805 vs 803D vs 802D

I currently have B&W Signature 805 speakers. I love the midranage and especially the clarity and openness of these speakers. I just auditioned the new 802D and 803D at my dealer with the intention of buying the 803D. I found the 802D to more open and more clarity than the 803D. My only concern with both of these full range speakers is that the bass sometimes seemed to overshadow the midrange and higher frequencies. This rendered the sound seemingly less immediate and with less clarity as compared to the Signature 805. I mainly listen to Classical music and my room is 16 x 15 with a very high ceiling. I am using a Macintosh MA 6900 integrated amp and Lector CDP 7TL CD player. NBS cabeling throughout.

I would appreciate any comments regarding this comparison, as well as the general comparison of mini monitors vs full range speakers.

Ben, were the 802D's on the optional spikes or on the rollers that come standard?
What is your opinion of the 805 sigs vs the full range speakers?
I did not notice what the 802D's were resting on. Why do you ask?
Hi Ben,

I ask because the 802D's come with rollers for feet, replacing them with the optional spikes makes a big difference in the bass.

The 802D's, as you'd expect, throw a much bigger image over the S805's, have greater bass, better clarity, separation...

I am a huge fan of my S805's, but the 802D's do everything better, again, as you'd expect.

I have heard the 803D's several times at my local stereo shop, if placement isn't proper the bass will over power as you said above. The last time I heard them they were moved from the time I was there prior and the bass was boomy; my friend that was with me spent a few minutes to dial them in and it was no longer an issue.