B&W Nautilus 800 vs 801

Considering buy a pair, the specs seems 801 is better 800, so what you think, if you have auditioned both.
Expect B&W, any good stuff to look at for $5k-$10k range?
In terms of specs, the only spec where the N801 bests the N800 is how low they will play. As far as sound quality, I feel that the N800 is a step well ahead of the N801 in all remaining categories. That being said, I would be very surprised if you can find a pair of N800s for $10k.
Those are two different animals. IMO the N800 is the better speaker. For the difference in price it certainly should be better. $10K is about half what you will need for the N800. You might want to consider listening to the N802 which I also prefer over the N801. The N801 is very nice but requires a very large room.
has anyone done a comparison between 800n
and verity parsifal encore .

they are both at the same selling price