B W N802 with Pass 350?

is it a good combination?
Yes. So would the Classe Omicron.
This is a great combination. I've used it myself over the last year. I've now upgraded the X350 to the X600s, but the N802s have stayed. It is amazing what you can get out of the 802s with great gear. I believe have still yet to hear the 802s full potential, although I'm starting to get close.

Good luck.
I had heard the 802s with a recent version of the Mcintosh solid state amp, and they sounded really good. My cousin is a classical musician, and have recorded several CDs. She had played her recording on their system and tested against her live "performance" in the piano room, and to her ears, this combination sounded closest to the original sound.

I've only heard two tracks of Vienna boys choir and some chamber music, and the soundstage and tonal balance were very convincing!