B&W Matrix 804 vs 803

Yes I know these are older speakers but I never liked
the B&W Nautilus or Diamonds.

I was in a shop and heard a used pair of Matrix 804 series 1
that were traded in. I bought them on the spot since they
played so well with rock music.

So my question is how the Matrix 804 series 1 sounds
different to the Matrix 803 series 1 and then also to
the series 2 models of the 804 and 803.

Has anyone spent time with these models in the past and
maybe can jot down how the sound changed as you progressed
to the 803 and then to the series 2 lineup?

I have owned a pair of 803 matrix since 1994. While I havn't compared them directly to 804s, I would expect the 803s to be a bit better in the bass and overall soundstage. I initially powered them with the Adcom 555 MKII and was very happy with the quality of the sound (rock, folk, reggae....). I then bit the bullit and bought a pair of McIntosh 501s. The resulting difference was simply astonishing.

I will also note that I felt the 803s actually got better and better over time; well after the break-in period.

I am curious what price range you are finding for the 803s. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of 801s (series 3), the owner of the 801s wants my 803s but I am uncertain about their approximate value. I would assign a 7 out of 10 for condition (two small scuffs on the lower left of one speaker otherwise perfect).

Speaker preference is about as subjective as anything can get, so listen to all that you can at home if possible. I can, enthusiastically recommend the 803s. Best of luck deciding which is best for you!