B&W great service or what?

I ran across some B&W speakers from a guy locally in Houston. When I brought them home and hook them up, one of the tweeter was not working. I took the tweeter apart and tested it with another tweeter. Sounds was coming out of it so the original tweeter is bad. I called B&W the next day, and without any question they say that they will ship me another tweeter. That is what I call GREAT SERVICE!!!
I have a broken CC6 I bought off of Audiogon which I figured I could fix. the guy told me the tweeter worked fine but nothing from the woofers. So i opened it up and tested the parts in the crossover with a continuity tester and found two broken caps. Well that's easy. Then I tested both woofers with a small battery to see if they were fine. One of them moved normally when battery voltage was applied and the other one didn't.

So I have two busted caps (haha; busted caps) and one broken woofer. I call them up just wannting a woofer replacement (I figure it can't be more than $50 tops as this woofer looks like a cheap $15 unit you get from PartsExpress.com) and they wanted $122 friggin' dollars!!!! For one dinky 5.25" woofer!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it looks just like the one found here: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=290-374
but it has the kevlar cone...ooo big deal. The basket was identical to this one and the magnet looks identical as well (yes it's covered so maybe they have some special magnet under there but I doubt it).

Anyway, I asked the guy if he could do it for $50 (still outrageous in my mind) and he said he couldn't. Then he told me to call my local B&W dealers and ask if they had a broken CC6 lying around. I did just that but I had to leave messages each time I called (3x total) and no one ever got back to me. I wasn't surprised b/c I already knew the dealers of B&W in my area and they are crap for service and knowledge.

So I call B&W back and tell them what happened and they said they would call them to make sure things are okay. Then I just asked if they could not just send and email out to all the B&W dealers nationwide for me and see if they had what I was looking for and were willing to let it go for cheap. NOPE. They couldn't do that for me.

So I say B&W has sub par service if you ask me. I wasn't looking for free stuff. I just didn't want to pay $122 for a woofer that might cost $10 at most to make especially considering the center speaker itself only retailed for like $220. How lame is that?!