b&w cdm 1nt vs Cm5 vs Cm1??????

Few days ago i posted a question about what will be better the cdm 1nt or the new 685.
I got 3 answers and i am very happy with that.
685 is a entry level speaker and the cdm 1nt is a classic......, this is the way myself feel about it.
today i went to my local b&w dealer and i listend to the 685 , cm1 and the 805.
i canot afford the 805 but i liked the cm 1 much, much better then the 685 even tghout they are so under rated.
the deler did not have the new cm 5.
i would like to hear some opinions on the cm 1 & cm 5.
For everyone to know i am not a audiophile , but i love to listen to stereo music ,i am not tryng to drive anyone crazy with my questions , just tryng to make the right choice.
i LOVED the cm1's tweeter but the base was just not verry articulate .
could the cm5 compare to the cdm 1nt .
Thank you.
Sorry for broken english.