B&W 805D/SF Cremona Auditor M/Minima Vintage

I have auditioned the B&W 805 Diamond and I was impressed with it's transparency and finesse. The diamonds sounded better with a McIntosh MA2275 Tubed Integrated amp compared to when it was being driven by a $55,000 solid state amp!

There was a Sonus Faber Liuto at the dealer, and I was able to audition them side by side. The Liuto is outclassed. I haven't heard the Cremona Auditor M or the Minima Vintage. These 5 speakers:

1. B&W 805 Diamond
2. Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M
3. Sonus Faber Minima Vintage
4. Proac Response D
5. Merlin TSM-MXr

are in my shortlist and wanted to get feedback as to their
strengths and why would you choose one over the rest.

I have a Cary CAD50M MarkII monoblocks to drive these speakers.

Feedback is very well appreciated.
Minima Vintage must be your "best buy" out of your shortlist of five with its more than reasonable and affordable price, highest value for money and that near equal degree of proficiency with both pop and classical music coming through that perfectly sculpted enclosure containing two most renowned drivers in the market all this time. Listen and you'll hear (rather than see). I use either Audia Flight 2 integrated or Pre/Flight 100 with them.