B&W 802 s 3 midrange replacement or repair?

I'm in need of either repairing or replacing a mid on my 802 series 3 speaker. I bought them used and the dealer here isn't very helpful as i've asked them to get me owners manuals before and they haven't been helpful. Is there a repair kit available or do I just replace the whole driver? For some reason the voice-coil has opened up, the leads are still fine but when measured with a meter it shows an open circuit. What are the prices for repair/replacement?
I'd go to another dealer or go through B&W directly. My brother got a replacement 15" woofer for his B&W sub directly for less than $300. I'll bet they'll send you the manuals you want as well!!
I concur with KennyT that you should find another dealer or contact B&W directly. I am sure they would be willing to help you. They also should be informed of your dealers actions as well.

hope this helps,

I had 802 S2's. The cost was around $96. The woofers are another story. 16 ohm driver's are no longer made.