B&W 801III vs. B&W HTM-1..

The title is very odd, yes. Here goes.

I am running a B&W 801III as a center channel. I use 801III for my right and left speakers, and soon to be using 801II as surrounds. I have thoughts of moving to the HTM-1, not for space reason, but WONDER if I gain anything by moving to the HTM-1 center channel?

I can't imagine so, but if so, please share....

I am using a McIntosh MC-162, biamped 160 x 2, for power to the center channel.
Some say you want to use the same speaker for all your system ( left, center, right, and surrounds) and if you can't,use the same brand for the whole system so they are similar. I do not se any reason to go to the HTM-1 unless the 801 III blocks the view of your screen.
Good point. I should mention, the 801III is center under a screen, so directional issues are not present.

The center channel needs to be either the exact same speaker as the right/left (your setup) or a perfectly "matched" speaker. I use B&W Nautilus 804s for my left/right and an HTM-1 for the center. The HTM-1 is essentially an N804 on its side, having exactly the same tweeter, mid-range driver and both bass drivers (while horizontal centers are not the best, the HTM-1 does have the proper vertical arrangement for the tweeter and midrange, with both bass drivers on either side). For your setup I would keep the 801III, as you have the same front three speakers. If you want to upgrade the best way would be to change all three front speakers.
Thanks for the input Argent. What I don't understand is a 'vertical arrangement' is not ideal. Why is that?
It seems to work wonderfully. I have read this elsewhere but not sure what the reasoning is behind it.

Thanks again......