B&W 705 vs. 805

Trying to help a buddy find a decent standmount in an area that has only a few options...one is B&W...not my first choice...but I must say...the 705 sounded very full-bodied for a small speaker...any thoughts on the 805 as well?
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I have the predecessor to the 705's...the CDM1nt's...I auditioned these next to the 805's and personally I didn't feel that almost doubling the price justified the small gain in performance. If I were in the same position now, and had to compare the 705's to the 805's, things might be a little different for two reasons...both the price gap and the performance gap have narrowed. This would make me lean a little more towards the 805's than I did when comparing my CDM's...just remember though...in my opinion, you'll need a sub with either set of speakers so you may want to factor that into the price equation also.

just my 2c

Whoever is interested in a nice pair of B&W 705, there is a post on craiglist about a pair (stands are included).