B&W 683's- Use another center or HTM 61?

I bought new 683's and want to upgrade my center channel. Have a 5.1 set-up. Is it OK to use a non-B&W center channel, or should I get what B&W recommends (HTM 61)? If non-B&W is OK, what is the best one for under $1K that works well with 683's? Thank you for your advice.
- Toni
...also, I could spend a little more if I had to, to get it right (if the HTM 61 is not the way to go).
- Toni
Ideally you should choose a center from the same manufacturer and series (in the case B&W 600 series) to match your L/R mains. Manufacturers voice match speakers in a given series for multi channel applications. So I would definitely mate the HTM 61 with the 683's.

Surrounds are not as critical to match from same manufacturer as they do not receive nearly as much content in a movie or concert as the center and mains do. Hope this helps. Good luck.
I'm kinda on same boat. I honestly would like to use 1 684 as a center. Also have a chance to buy a used nautilus htm1 but not sure if I should spend the money on a old speaker plus have to add an amp to push it.
Thanks for the input. I noticed the B&W CMC2 has an extra mid range driver, but not sure if it is compatible with the 600 series fronts. I am going to call B&W and if it is I will go that route. Otherwise, looks like the HTM61.

thanks- Toni