B&K Sonata EX442 and ST-202 - circuit protection?

I've got a B&K amp ST-202 & Sonata EX-442 and without pulling them off the shelf, I was wondering if there's any cirtcuit protection built in besides internal fuses.

Not as concerned about the innards as much as protection for my speakers in case something goes wrong. Prefer not to send DC to the speakers.

I will state that these amps sound fantastic, and I'd wager the simple bare bones design of these amps attributes greatly to that.

Some speakersI own feature fusing- some don't. Speakers are- Dahlquist DQ-10s, aDs L1230s, AR 9LSIs, Vandersteen 2Cs and Thiel CS 2s.

Thank you,

If I remember, the 202 is capacitor coupled, so the output coupling cap should prevent any substantial amounts of DC being on the outputs. The 442 is a direct coupled design and I do not know which method it uses, probably servos, to block DC on the outputs. Welding the voice coils with substantial amounts of DC is pretty rare and usually originates in a defective preamp sending DC to the amp which is amplified and sent to the speakers in a DC coupled design. I wouldn't worry about it.