B&K Reference 10/20 Upgrades

I bought this in part for future upgadability. I have the REF 10. Has ANYONE even looked into upgrading 10. I just want to know waht, if anything, is available and a good contact. B&K apparartly doesn't respect email. Any experience helpful. Many Thanks from Ed. Happy hoidays. PLEASE !!!
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I phoned B&K and talked to one of their tech people, was informed that the Ref10/20 would be able to be upgraded in the new year. He had no idea of what the price would be, but did mention it would be available in segments, for example, if you didn't want the video switching, you don't need to pay for it. If anyone has any other info, please add it. Merry Christmas
As a B&K dealer, I have been researching this since the Ref30 came out. After speaking to B&K several times, I would venture that a Ref 10/20 will be upgradeable to Ref 30 standards EXCEPT for the component switching and the new DACs. You will get the THX and the EX, and the new (and very cool) setup/processing software, which includes some room correction and far better bass management. They have been very tight lipped about the price so far, and availability should be(as earlier stated) sometime shortly after the new year arrives.
Shaqspack, I emailed B&K for a instruction manuel on a Remote for my unit. After 2 emails and no response, I called B&K. I told them I needed the manuel and admitted I bought the piece used. Didn't matter to them. I had the manuel emailed in a matter of minutes. What does this add?? B&K has a problem with email, but if you call the number off the website, they are very helpful. Would recommend you call B&K come Jan. Good Luck....LR
Ehm3: Why won't the DACs be ugradeable, that would/could make a difference for some folks. Any reason they could not upgrade the DACs?? If the DACs can't be upgraded, do you think I would be better off to buy a P3A DAC and using my current CD player as a transport and utilizing the analog passthrough available on the Ref 20. I am still pleased with the way the Ref 20 performs on the home theater side. Cheers and a Merry Christmas to all.
Thanks--I'll call them when I want something!! When solid info regarding upgrades is available, I hope we will all post what we find out. I Will, as these forums help me a lot.
I just spoke to B&K. Specifics not yet available. They should have info in 30-60 days.