B&K ref. 20 or Sunfire TG1

I'm struggling between the two componets. I think I have narrowed it down to these two based on my ever increasing budget, reported quality/reliability, performance and Price to features. I'm going to be using my home theater 80% of the time. I don't need component capabilities since I will run all video directly to a new Mitsubishi 55 widescreen. The only down side to the Sunfire is that it doesn't have dual zone which I need. I hear that B&K has great tech/coustomer support. Do you guys have any input or ideas. I'm trying to stay around $1000-$1700 for the pre/pro. Thanks for the input
I see you are struggling with a pre/pro decision because I saw your earlier post about purchsing a used pre/pro.

Having owned a REF20 and just purchased another one on here for $775, I would recommend the REF20. It is a straight forward unit without a lot of bells and whistles. Most importantly, it is upgradeable. The sound of the REF20 is warm to neutral. I have not heard the Sunfire so I cannot comment.

Please note that my primary pre/pro is a Theta CasaNova.

Good luck...
I have a ref 20 and a really like it, but I think you can get a Lexicon DC-1 that is maxed out and upgraded for close to $1500(although it has been awhile since I priced them). My belief is that the DC-1 is better the Ref 20, for HT.
You may also want to seriously consider the EAD Encore or Ovation. Should be able to pick them up in you price range.