AZ Silver Photon Component or Tara Labs RSC/RGB?

Upgrading to SACD/Progressive Sony DVD/CD with a Plasma TV.
Upgraded entire system to Acoustic Zen WOW IC's. Cannot
find much discussion anywhere on the Photon Component Video
Cable, while there seems to be much positive feedback on the Tara Labs. Wondering whether anyone has used and/or
compared either the AZ or Tara Labs and what the results
were. Thanks for any information you may share.
I have the AZ Photon component between a Loewe Aconda 38"
and a Toshiba SD-9200. The picture quality can be absolut-
ly stunning depending on which movie you are watching. I
wanted a plasma myself, but the Loewe won out on picture
sharpness, and resolution.

I did not compare the AZ with Tara Labs, but I compared
with Audio Quest YIQ's, the AZ's give stunning performance
for less $.

Not haveing tried everything out there I do not know which
cable is best, but the Photon's (with the Loewe) are superb. You will NOT be dissapointed if you buy them. This
set up is so good I can no longer bear to watch movies at
friends, or relatives homes, or theatres for that matter.

I love the Zens and feel no need to look further, they, and
my tv are the only things I have that I feel that way about.

Sorry I cant give a comprehensive revue, that's one reason
I useually keep my trap shut. But I just had to let you
know that there is at least one person out here who has the
Photons, and is sold on them.

Good luck in your search.


Thanks for your input. I've been so pleased with the AZ
IC's I have, that I will get the Silver Photon Component.
Did you notice a break-in period?
Hey Sjorgensen,

No sir, I haven't. I have been under the impression that
there is no breakin with digital cables, but only becouse
I have never seen or read anyone say anything about that.

If they can be burned in I would like to know myself.