Ayre vs Pass Setup?

Currently using Krell 400xi with Benchmark DAC1 using XLR interconnects, speakers are Totem Forest (87db sensitivity 8 ohms,6.4 ohms min). New equipment lust is rearing its ugly head.

I am interested in Ayre V-5xe Amp & K-5xe Pre compared with Pass Labs XA30.5 Amp and XP-10 Pre? Any comments on sonic differences would be appreciated.

Related questions would be a) would the new pre/amp set up be significantly better than Krell integrated?, b) would Pass XA30/5 have enough power - live in a hi rise and so can't play it too loud and c) would these mate well with Forest.

Thanks for any input. Dokosan
I understand that you will not be playing loud, but I still don't think the XA30 will be able to properly drive the Totems.

I am using the X350.5 driving a pair of Verity Parsifal Encores. I believe they are rated at 89dB. I was curious whether my Pass Aleph Os would be able to drive them. I checked with Verity, and they told me it would not be a problem. But when I tried, the speakers sounded lifeless. And the Verities were know to sound good at low volume. So back went the X350.5. I had originally thought the X350.5 may be an overkill.....

Anyways, I am sending in my Aleph Os to get it checked out just to make sure that the amp is operating correctly.

I run totem model one wth pass labs aleph 3 (30wpc into 8 ohms and 60 wpc into 4 ohms)in a dedicated smallish music room(11 ft wide x 17 ft lg and 8 ft ceiling). It drives the totem one loud enough for me. I believe that the XA30.5 will drive the totems forest in a small room. The forest is easier to drive than the model one. if you have a big room I would go more power.

I've never heard the aleph Os described as "being lifeless". I would expect the aleph amp to be more engaging than the X350.5. There may be something wrong with your aleph O. I had audition a pass labs X150 and was impressed with the power and bass but, it did not sound as sweet and engaging as the aleph 3.
The living room, main listening area, is approx 20 x 13 x 9. It adjoins to a smaller kitchen and dining room.