AVR Receiver with Pre Outs

I'm deciding between the HK 354 and the Pioneer Elite VSX 01 to add to my 2 channel set up. Both have pre puts for the front speakers and I can save about $150 with the HK. Any reason to go for the extra bucks for the Pioneer? Any other suggestions?
I'd give the Onkyo TX-SR706 a hard look. It's right in at the same power rating, feature set, and price point. Onkyo has been supporting hdmi 1.3a for so long their current product line is the second generation of such beasts.

I think I saw the TX-SR706 at J&R for $550 w/free shipping. If not there, then it was a Amazon.

It definitely has preamp outs and room optimization software.
Thanks, I'll check it out. I might also just move my old Rotel 1055 into the 2 channel system and get a new receiver for the living room where pre outs are not required. Appreciate the response.