Avantgarde Horns - amps you've tried and love?

My current system is:
dCS Verdi, Purcell, Elga+ (all 1394 latest models) to the Art Audio Jota with KR 300BXLS tubes to the Avantgarde Duo horn speakers. Cables are NBS 0 for digital and HMS interconnects/speaker.
Question: I'm planning on the purchase of the Audiopax but before I make the plunge, I'd like to ask for other Avantgarde owners input on amps they have tried and what their impressions have been.
Thanks in advance,
I use Cary WE300B SE monoblocks to power the Duos and I love them both. Clarity, lushness, dynamics etc. Everyone including the Audiopax/Avantgarde dealer has loved this combination at my house. I also have a good listening room. In fact, the Avantgarde dealer told me that Jim Simth and several others have audio set-ups similar to mine. The Cary's with WE300B with Mullard CV 378 and NOS 6sn7s are a special combination. Denis Had may help you locate a dealer who will lend you some amps to try out if you e-mail him.

FYI, I have found the silver speaker wires and interconnects are very complimentary in this set-up. I was told this by another Avantgarde owner, and he was correct in my opinion.
Audiopax Model 88s are my personal favorite. These are amazing monoblocks that to my ears give me the best of tube and SS amplifiers. You get the wonderful, musical midrange that you would expect AND great bass, AND an amazing high end that must be heard to be believed.

I have tried many tube amps to power my Duos including SETs and OTLs but the Audiopax beat them all.
Check out the Berning Siegfried SET amp. I like the combo of The Duos and Siegfried very much. I have heard the Audiopax and was very impressed. I was not able to A/B compare the Siegfried and the Audiopax. The Siegfried was 1/2 the price of the Audiopax with comparable sound. It is making beautiful music with the Duos. Enjoy listening.
One of my customers has Duos and had been using a Berning Siegfried 300B. He replaced it with a Kronzilla and reports good results. Anyone wanting more information, please email me offline.

I'm still using my Quad IIs. They've been rebuilt by Graham Tricker at GT Audio (maker of the Tron brand of british high end tube amps). I've heard the Duos with Tron's 300B monoblocks and 845 monoblocks. Both are very good.
The important thing about the Duos is that your amps need to be quiet with zero noise.

My tuppence worth from the UK
I'm using Audio Note Kassai monoblock power amps with my Duos. Enjoy listening to female voclas and this combination gives a very sweet sound. By the way, preamp is Nagra PL-L.