Avantgarde Duos -speaker cables

Duo owners please.....what sp. cables are you using and do you connect the amp output to the tweeter or midrange?
I am currently using Yamamura Millenium cables. So far these bested Wire World, Tara, and XLO. I connect to the tweeter unit though I was told the midrange is the unit more often used. I also use a silver wire harness. Nirvana supposedly makes a custom harness that is highly recommended. I thought they were a bit greedy in their asking price for the length required.
I have heard the Nirvana cables are terrific with them as well as the Nordost. Many people have the SPM Reference but are going to the Valahalla and say they are more amazing. If you go with Nirvana, they have cables designed specifically for the Avantgardes.
I have found that thfollowing tri-wire works well with the BAT mono VK60SE Amps: KIMBER SELECT 3038 (Sivler) to the large Horn, NORDOST SPM - REFERENCE to the small Horn and KIMBER SELECT 3033 (Copper) to the Subwoofer. I understand that Nirvana is highly recommended for the AV DUOs but have not actually heard the cables.
Personally, I wouldn't spend more than the price of zip cord to wire Duo's. Really, they'll still sound like horns (honk, honk!), even if you use the costliest cables on Earth, or even Neptune.
Gimme...what SE amps did/are you using or heard with the Duos?....what was the rest of the system configuration? I've been doing this for 20 years and have NEVER heard anything as good, TO ME, as the Duos, driven by 5 Watt SE's. This system is about a third of the cost of the systems that I have maintained over the years.....to each his own:)
I have the Duo's with the 225 Subs. My system is Sony SCD 1 to Cello Audio Palette (currently trying to define a tube preamp to replace the Cello and I am also currently evaluating the TACT as a RCS/preamp with the Duos) to the Art Audio Jota (just LOVE this amp, and find the company support beyond anything I have ever experienced elsewhere). Then using Cello Strings tri-wired to the Duos.

Sound is quite good with the tri-wire Cello (Lutz copper) cables.

I know two Trio owners that claim Silversmith by Jeff Smith are the best they have ever heard. Need to try these out as time and funds allow. One chap completely replaced his Nirvana with the Silversmiths - speaker cables and interconnects. I tend to think I would keep copper for the subs and go Silversmiths for the rest.

Also know a favorite of a couple of friends with Trio's is the Cardas Gold Reference with Viva gear.

Fletch - I'm interested in your system configuration - you have tried some of the cables I have on my list to evaluate, specifically the TARA(The One) and XLO(Limited?)- Yamamura was not on my scope, but apparently needs to be. Is your system tube based or SS?
Iam very enviuous of you guy,s with the uno,s and duos. I heard the uno,s with the cary 805, it sounded awsome till the guy hooked up thos little 5 watt (the name eludes me right now, but were like 45,000) then, it floored me.
Didn,t mean to intrude, my aploigies.