AV Receiver For Bose Acoustimass 15 Series II?

I don't know alot about audio av receivers and we got my dad a Bose Acoustimass 15 Series II Home Theater Speaker System for his BDay. What would be a good Receiver that wont under power the speakers. I found a great price for a pioneer VSX-D711 (5x 100 watt surround)w/DTS decoder, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Pro Logic II for under $200. What do you think?


Thanks for any help
My Mother powers her Bose system with an ancient JVC receiver circa 1973. Sounds fine. I really don't think the quality of the receiver matters with the Bose. Try going to a Bose dealer and asking him tp 'plug in' a variety of receivers.....you might be pleasantly suprized at how little you might be spending.
My experience with the little cubes is that they are quite in-efficient and need a pretty good amount of power to fill a decent sized room with sound. Then again, you can't expect much from a tweeter sized driver that they are using full range. As such, look for a receiver that is capable of 4 ohm operation and a relatively high power level at 8 ohms. Once you find this, you'll be all set once you decide to upgrade the speakers : ) Sean
Do a search under Bose on this or any other audio/HT site and find out why to take these back while you can. Don't feel bad with their marketing they've made themselves a bestseller worldwide.
There are TWO Bose threads on the same day...has AudiogoN GoN to Audio Hell?