Has anyone done business with ?
great prices on Lyra cartridges.
Thanks, jon
They are great prices. And they do deliver the goods. Be forwarned though, they are a "grey market" dealer and you won't get any warrenty. If anything happens to your cartridge, or when it simply wears out you won't be entitled to any discounts or retiping services. You will have to buy a new cartridge.
I bought my Denon 103R cartridge from them and they delivered quicker than expected and were pretty communicative. Recommended.
I bought a Denon 103R one year back from then, great communications and delivered as promised - but was not aware of the grey market issue posted earlier...

Hi Jon. I bought a Denon DL103R as well and at a later time a Denon step up. The 103R arrived defective with only one channel working. They exchanged the cartridge without problems. As far as I rememeber they do offer a 12 month warranty unless otherwise stated including a 30 day defective return policy. I might had to pay for return shipping but that was about it.

Good luck.

I bought TAOC PTS-F feet from the audiocubes2 website. Perfect transaction and perfect items ! Highly recommended.
Thank you for the replies.
It seems they do honor warranty, and seem reputable. They sell Helicons for $400 less than anyone else.
Any bad expriences out there?
One thing I forgot previously: The cartridge took forever (4 weeks+) to arrive from Japan when I ordered it two years ago. However my last order for the Denon step-up was here in less than 2 weeks. So if you have time and there is no rush, you should be ok.

I bought a Lyra Titan from them. The diamond came off and if there is a warranty for it, I couldn't find how to use it. I contacted Lyra Japan directly and the U.S. distributer, Musical Surroundings, and there was no valid warranty.
Agaffer, How old was your Titan? Did you contact audiocubes? What did audiocubes have to say about it?
The Titan was less than 6 mos. old. I see that I said that Musical Surroundings was the U. S. distributer that I contacted, I had forgotten that it was Immedia.
Audiocubes, rightly so, said they were only the seller and that warranty issues are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Lyra never answered my e-mails. Immedia said that they only honored warranties on cartridges that they distributed, not ones purchased overseas or through the internet.
Immedial also gave me the following web address at Lyra. One I suggest you go to and read:
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