Audio Valve Challenger 180 Users

I just bought a pair of these amps and would like to hear
your experiences with them;especially if you played with the mixing of tubes from the EL34,6550,kt88's,kt90's and what type of speakers were you driving with them.
I have a pair of soundlab m2's with impedance mods;listen to vocals,jazz,acoustic,classical and sometimes Pink Floyd will even visit.
Any feedback and experiences are greatly appreciated.
Regards and Happy Listening in advance.

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Still love mine. Using cryo'ed KT88 with NOS RCA clear tops and a NOS Sylvania black plate 5751. I also recommend using Pearl tube coolers and with the top cover removed (helps keep it cooler; something every tube amp can use). I have also used EL34s but prefer the extra punch that comes with the KT88s.