Audio Research SP-9 phono vs PH-3

Anyone have comments on how the phono stage in the SP-9 compares to the PH-3. I use a moving magnet cartridge.
I have an SP-9 Mk I and i think the phone on it is quite excellent. I compared it to the SP-14 and thought the 9 was better. Not sure about the PH3???? I'd like to see your responses......
I have owned both peices,still have ph3,The sp9 is much brighter and machine like,compared to the ph3 which is more full bodied and easier to listen to for longer periods of time,less listener fatigue. Hope it helps.
Recently went from an SP-9 Mk II to a pre without a phono stage, and bought a used PH-3 to fill the gap. The PH-3 seems to me much quieter, and less bright to a nontrivial degree. SP-9 is still a killer deal if you find a used one in good shape, but moving to the PH-3 is a real change for the better.