Audio Research SP-10 owner manual

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get an Audio Research SP-10 owner manual.



Call Audio Research. The sell reprinted (look just like the original) owners manuals for all thier stuff.
When I called them it cost me $20 to have one sent to me.
(For a similar ARC SP-15)
You have to call them... no email.
Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for your answer. Plus, do you know if they can send us the schematic? Though some SP-10's schematics are on:

Anyway, I'll give them a call.

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Circuit diagrams are only supplied to warranty repair stations. You might find a copy on the interweb.
Find someone that has an original manual. All ARC products shipped before the late 90's had circuit diagrams and a parts list in every manual.

I have seen the schematics for the SP10 and other ARC products on the web. Do a deep google search down many pages.

I have been to the factory and gotten copies of schematics for an SP9 MKIII (made in 1994), this year, when it was repaired.
Hi everyone,

I've just called Audio Research this morning and they send me all the schematics plus owner's manual of the SP-10 and SP-10PS in PDF format via email. Great! Good service!

Plus, all the schematics of the SP-10 have been redraw in the beginning of 2000. They are very usefull, more than the older ones where you can't identified some values.

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