Audio Research Solid State Preamps??

I once owned an Audio Research LS10 solid state preamp.  When it was good, it was outstanding.  Backgrounds so black it was eerie.  Excellent layering and soundstage.  On some songs it could be uneven.  But I can't get over how good it was when it was good.  I eventually got the Ref3 and never looked back.  If any of you are familiar with the LS10, has Audio Research produced a better solid state preamp since the LS10?
I owned an LS12. It's the one piece of gear I regret not keeping. I replaced the LS12 with a Bryston BP26; I was using Bryston 7B SST monoblocks. I don't recall their being any obvious audible difference between the two, but there was just something about the look and feel of the LS12 that very much appealed to me.