Audio Research LS9 Preamp in balanced mode?

I am interested in the Audio Research LS-9 preamp to be used with the balanced input/outputs. I'll be driving it into a Levinson 333.5 amp pushing Thiel 3.6 speakers. My source gear are the Art Audio Vinyl One tubed phono preamp with a VPI Scout and Clearaudio Maestro MM cartridge, & the Cary 303/300 tubed CD player. Stereophile January 1998 gave it a resonable review and I can't find much else to go on.

I'm using a balanced Goldpoint passive switcher with 24 point volume attenuator as a passive preamp for sound purity. I like detail, depth, staging, 3 dimentionality, tight deep bass and extended highs. I need a bit more dynamics, particularily from the analog side. The 303/300 has it's own preamp, but both sources would benefit from a great external linestage preamp.

I can't afford the more expensive AR so I'm looking at the LS-9.

Thanks for your experienced opinions.