Audio Research LS-7 with Mccormack DNA 125?

Has anyone tried these together? I am thinking of getting an LS-7. The rest of my system consists of Vandersteen 2CE signatures and Njoe Tjoebs 4000 cd player. I would like something dynamic with good bass response and wonder if the LS-7 will be too laid back? I have read numerous posts here about the synergy with the cj pv10 series with this amp...unfortunately cannot audition any of these. Any other recommendations for used tube pre's under $1,000 or so would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff.
McCormack Micro Line Drive thumbs up for your case. Try to hunt this unit for $300...400 that literally kills the newer and more expencive TLC.
McCormack amps are sencitive and need low-gain preamps or passive ones. LS-7 is a high gain preamp that you simply don't need
I have tried Audio Research preamps on different model McCormacks and it is not a synergy match at all. The best match on the McCormack amps I've tried & heard are the Adcom preamps like the 565 & GFP-750.
Yes, I have that setup and I like it. I am using it with Dynaudio Contour speakers, Well Tempered Record Player, Pioneer PD-65 cd player and Sonic Frontiers tube phono preamp. Now, for the disclaimer; I'm 52 and my hearing is not as good as it used to be. Therefore, your mileage may vary.