Audio Physic Step monitors

I am considering these monitors, to use along my JBL L-96's when i am not playing rock. Any opinions on them?

gear: Parasound CDP-2000, Berning TF-10 tube pre, Kinergetics Chiro C200 amp. Cables: Vampire Wire copper IC's, and DH Labs ST100 hybrid speaker cable.

my room is a typical small 1 bedroom living room
I had same situation like yours, I bought a pair of Steps thinking they are small and perfect for a small room. True only if you can position it at least 5 feet out from the front wall or else you wont get any soundstage at all.
Check out I believe they have a very nice used set for sale.
You do need to have ap's out 5 feet from the wall to get their 'magic'. Magical they are though !