Audio Note AN-L bi-wire question on sheilding

The plugs on the wires became tired after so many years. So im puttting new end on it and see that they are sheilded. their web site says put the sheild to '0 volts' at the amp. so all 4 wires go to a screw on the back of the amp or do i pass them all to the negative ternimal for that channel?
Audio Note's instructions regarding the shielding refers to the fact that with factory terminated AN-L cable they connect the shield surrounding both signal wires to just one leg of the wire. Generally this is done a few inches before the amp end of the cable connection. You'll see 2-3" of heat shrink covering the area where the shield is connected near the amp end of the cable.

If you are just re-terminating with new spades or bananas and have de-soldered the wire from the old connectors, just solder the wire to the new connectors in the same way the previous connectors were and you should be fine. You can always e-mail Audio Note for further clarification. They usually respond quickly.
Ill give them a try. They werent done up as you had mentioned. The sheiled was connected at the amp end but not at the other. A dealer made them up off a roll of wire.