Audio Nemesis DC-1 VLE Very Limited Edition

Has anyone heard of this particular DAC, it,s supposed to have some upgrades from the basic model, i Dont know much about electronics, so if someone could Help giving the opinion on what the technical details are

Heres the Manual explainig the Upgrades

First of all, there are three inputs: S/PDIF 75ohm (with a Canare true 75 ohm RCA gold plated connector), optical (Toslink) and USB. After the Canare 75 ohm connector there is the top-of-the-line Scientific Conversion pulse transformer, of the highest quality, with only 0,5pF (!). The optical connector is Toshiba original. The USB connector has gold plated contacts. The USB signal goes to the USB receiver, that’s 16bit 48kHz. The selection among the signals is made through a proprietary input switch. Nothing to do with common solid state switches. The audio digital receiver (with two dedicated shunt regulated power supplies) and the asynchronous reclocking circuit (with another dedicated shunt regulated power supply) are the same used for the other DC-1 versions. But after the reclocking there are 8 dac chips in parallel, each one with its own shunt regulated discrete power supply with an outstanding rejection of -120dB @ 20kHz each!

The output from the dac chips is simply connected to the output RCA connectors through AudioNautes special RED capacitors (already described). All components are absolute top quality, not common industrial devices, but special devices chosen after listening tests. Resistors outside the audio path are 1% metal film everywhere, but metal oxide in power supply. In the audio path there are 2 resistors only (per channel): one is the fantastic and very expensive Vishay Naked Bulk Foil and the other one a Dale audio resistors. All final bypass capacitors of the power supplies are very close to the relative part of circuit, to minimize impedance.
The PCB follows professional high quality standards and is designed without edges. It’s gold plated in this special version, to maximize audio performance. Thanks to the very high quality design and building, the noise is very low, lower than high priced products, but without any feedback or feed-forward technique.
Necro threading.  Picked up No. 20 (out of 40) at an estate auction.  An initial audition (vs a Asus Xonar Essence with various Burson v6 opamps) seems to indicate it is better for AAD ripped music.