Audio Clubs in the Area?

I am curious whether other people out there have clubs in their area where they participate with others and have an opportunity to listen to their set-ups. I think it would be very interesting to hear other peoples' systems as almost everyone chooses different equipment. I live in Chicago and am curious whether there are audio clubs where people have a chance to meet and listen to each others' systems. Maybe some of you out there already participate in these organizations and know how to tap in to these social groups. Please let me know if any of you live in Chicago and know of any clubs / organizations dedicated to audio. From the little time I have spent in local dealers showrooms, I have never become aware of any such organizations.
There is an audio clubs forum on this website... It's in the spot between PC audio and misc audio.
Hey Firecracker, where have you been all this time? :-)
The Chicago Audio Society has been going strong ever since '94 after another group with the same name dried up several years prior. Meetings are monthly, and guess what, the October meeting is this Sunday the 16th and should be a good one. Visit for all the details. I've sent you mail about it, too, in case you miss this message. Hope to see you Sunday!
(the guy to blame for starting the club back in '94, etc.)
Hey fire there is a whole section dedicated to clubs on Audiogon, check it out there, or do the advanced search and type in you first 2 digits of your zip code, may be surprised what pops up.
Thanks everyone. Sorry to be posting this here when there is an area devoted to it already.
Firecracker-good to meet you. I am bit away from you (1.5 hrs to the north) as I reside in the Milwaukee Metro Area but I am very interested in getting together with a group. I am a new member to the North Eastern Wisconsin Audio Society which is predominately in the Green Bay Area. (I hosted a NuForce demo days 4 weeks ago and had a blast). I would like to meet some more friends/audiophiles to the south. I will check out Chicago's club and maybe see you in the future.

Tyler Mueller
Tyler...I'm all for making friends who I can learn alot from and share a similar interest with. I was in Green Bay last December on business. Ate at Brett Favre's steak house almost every night. Green Bay is a hike from me, but Milwaukee is not a bad drive, and my fiance went to Marquette, so she likes to visit the area.