audio aero reference pre is good?

the preamplifer in audio aero reference cdplayer is good?
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YUP---Owned one for a couple of years and ran it straight to my amp.---(after a short trial with an outboard pre)Besides you woulds have to spend big bucks and worry about a mis match---not to mention you would then be running 2 preamps.
I now own the Meridian 808-i2 and in my opinion it is a toss-up between the 2.---That means some might like one better; and some;the other.
I have read posts and had contact with other owners of same; whom have had trouble playing sacd---My unit never flinched;for anything-period.
A tag line--The guy who bought mine said it sounded better than the very same unit he owned--Yes,that means he owns 2 of these.--(an upstairs and a downstairs system.)