Audible Illusions 3A ....question?

How would Audible Illusions-3A, pre-amp mate with "laid-back" SS amp? Or.. any other suggestions in 1.5K, or less, used! Thanks!
I've been using my 3A with a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe and have been very satisfied. I recently had the amp upgraded by SMc Audio to the Revision A Gold and it's even better still. I'm using Thiel 3.6's and it's handling them very well.
I am using my M3A with a Bryston 4B NRB power amp, and it sounds great. My speakers are Thiel 1.5's. This power amp is solid state, but may not be considered laid back compaired to other designs.
I also have an A I M3A with a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe as Kleiman421 has and they match up very well.I had a Bryston 3BST previously with the M3A and while it matched nicely ,in my particular system the DNA-1 Deluxe was a little smoother in the highs,and this was also with a tube dac.If you decide to go with a used Bryston and you decided to sell,you will get your money back easily due to their incredible transferable warranty.
Ditto on the combination of AI 3A and the McCormack DNA-1 Amp. McCormack's service is some of the best I have ever encountered and you can get the Amp upgraded as your budget allows. The Revision A Gold is a phenomenal upgrade that beats every amp under $15,000 for liquidity, musicality and detail. The AI's main draw back is the lousey service provided by the manufacturer. I have had problems with my 3A (Noise when turning the volume control, noise when turning it off.) After weeks of trying to contact them by phone and getting no responce, I ended up going to a friend of a friend to get the problem fixed. You should be able to get a used DNA-1 or .05 for within your price range. Check out the upgrades at
I have found myself in the position of having to sell my Bryston 4B NRB amp. As I noted in my post above (slowhand) I use this amp with a Audible Illusions M3A and it sounds great. I have Thiel 1.5 speakers, which are not the easiest speakers to drive and the Bryston not only has plenty of power, but mates very well with the M3A preamp. This amp looks as if it is brand new and sounds like it to. Add the balance of a 20 year warranty and you can't loose. Let me know if you are interested.