ATTN: Plinius 8100, 8200, 9100, 9200 Owners

Hi everyone... I'm wondering what CD Player you all use with your Plinius equipment? Right now I'm running a Plinius 8200mk1, Rega Planet 2000 and Soliloquy 6.2 speakers. I'm looking to brighten up my sound a bit as it is currently a bit warm for me...

Your definately on the right track in upgrading the Rega...A nice sounding unit..but if you want a significant upgrade without breaking the bank, look at a Wadia 23(currently some for sale here on Audiogon) very big, smooth, bold sound with excellent dynamics. Its a bit warmer than their latter offerings, but way past the Rega. I went from the Planet to the 23, so I can definately recommend this. I also run a Plinius SA 100MkII amp. Best of luck-Ken
I use an Arcam with my Plinius 8200 (mkII). Very happy with the combination! Appropriate interconnects help, too.
I use a Marantz SA-14, with Shahinian Obelisks, which I'm very happy with--I found Rollerblocks make a big difference, as well.

Good luck!

I'm using an AH Njoeb Tjoeb 4000 with the upsampler and Siemens 7308 tubes with very musical results. With a tubed cdp
you can tailor the sound to your liking and to your system synergy.
So your not stuck with the stock sound of a cdp.
I prefer to listen to vinyl and this player was very analog sounding
yet has a very detailed, transparent and coherent presention especially considering the asking price. Check out the feedback on this unit . When so many audiophiles agree on something - it's worth looking into. I own a Plinius 9200 and am very happy with this combination.
THanks for your input everyone... Going with the philosophy that the source should be the best component I'd like to get the Rega Planet 2000 out of there... I think that my Plinius is capable of much more... All of my collection is Red Book so I'm leaning towards a used Wadia 830 or 301, Linn Ikemi, or Naim CD 5... Thats what I've gathered are "compatible" players... After that, I'll probably go the separates route, temporarily using the Plinius as a pre-amp... This is going to take a while!


Like Circleman I'm also using a AH Njob Tjobe 4000 with the Siemens 7308 tubes but the Burr Brown 624 Opamp upgrade instead of the Upsampler. My amp is a Plinius 8200Mk1 and I'm using Kimber PBJ interconnect. I tried a lot of of CD Players, several back to back, including the Rega Planet and think the AH 4000 super is the best sounding by a wide margin.
>>... This is going to take a while!

Yes! You have just stepped onto the merry-go-round & it'll be a while before you get off, if you don't watch yourself!! Such is the nature of this beast!

From my experience, before you buy research the sh** about the equipment on your short-list & then buy above your budget. You'll be happier for a longer while as you will be able to resist the upgrade bug. IMHO. FWIW.

If you haven't read this thread, it might be a good investment in time: