AT-ML150 vs. AT-OC9

My main cartridge is a Benz MO.9 but the time has come to send it in for a retip. I've got an AT-150 and OC9 that I haven't listened to for a number of years and I can't really remember their sonic differences.

Can anyone refresh my memory. I realize I could mount each one and listen to them to find out for myself, but do to other circumstances I don't really have the luxury of time right now.

I appreciate any and all comments

Thank you.
I have an 150 and a AT33PTG. Sonic character of the 150: fast, punchy bass, midrange clear as a bell (but not as liquid as some MCs), a rather scrubby sounding treble.

I'd recommend the 150 for rhythmic, bass-line driven music, and I'd probably try the OC9 otherwise.

Both the AT carts I have are very quiet in the groove and are excellent trackers.
Thanks Daverz for sharing your thoughts with me here as well as elsewhere. It is much appreciated!