Art di/o DAC. Is it still a giant killer?

I'm wondering how this compares to modern budget DACs. $200 retail range.

Until recently I was using a Denon DVD 3910 for CD playback. The Denon is around 10 years old and retailed for $1500
I was happy with it but it developed a laser problem.
I replaced it with a new Marantz CD 5005 with a retail of $400
I was expecting a noticeable improvement in sound quality, but to my ears they sound pretty much the same.
The Marantz developed an intermittent laser problem, so I returned it.

I have an offer to buy a Art di/o with Boulder-Mensa mods for $200 shipped.
If I buy it, I would purchase a older CD player for the transport. Probably $100 range.

The rest of my humble system- Grado/Allesandro MS-2 cans, tube based headphone amp, Anticable interconnects, Pangea power cord, Powervar.