Arm to use with Lyra Helikon

Help, on the advice of my dealer and after reading all the glowing reviews I finally updated my old Sumiko Talisman DTI cartridge, with which I allways enjoyed listening to in a Sumiko MMT arm. I purchased a Lyra Helikon and an ARC PH3 preamp loaded at 1000 ohms running into an ARC SP8 MK7, a pair of Futterman amps into a pair of Tannoy 15" reds. The sound is now bright, ringing,bass is boomy, I just do not relax and enjoy the music like I used to.Suggestions on what arm works best with cartridge are welcome. I have a SOTA STAR turntable.Budget is $2000.00 new or used. Is SME V best choice. I have just spent $3000.00 and my old $300.00 Grado lets me enjoy the music more than my new equipment. Help.
The cartridge needs about 50 hrs of break in time. Do not rush it. I use it with a Graham 2.0 deluxe. Check you set up, a high VTA will make it sound shrilly. I use 47Kohms loading, no problem. I like the way it sounds. It is not romantic. I have listened to some Koetsu,s I like, but I know they are beutifully colored. Not necesarily a bad thing, as long as you know what you are getting.

Good luck.
I use 47k also in a SME IV arm into a SF Phono1 with glorious results. The cartridge does require a breakin period, but what doesn't these days. Is the PH3 new also? Let it all settle in and check you vta. What tracking force are you using?
try using 100 ohms loading with your ARC PH3. However, give your system another couple of weeks of playing time and lower the VTA as suggested above. Be patient. Analog does not provide "instant gratification," but the long term rewards are worth the wait and effort.
all the above adwice is good, but if ya must buy a gnu arm, consider the origin-live modified rega rb250. o-l sez this arm is even better than their modified rb900, which is considered a giant killer even when not modified - at $995. a fully-modified rb250 w/extra vta-adjustable base, will still run ya less than $500...

good luck, doug

as the helicon is a very neutral cartridge you may want an arm that is on the warm side of neutral, such as the wheaton triplaner or the vpi jwm 10". it is all about balance. the helicon is such a great bargain that it will mate with the best quality arms out there. sometimes the vpi arm is avaliable for cheap used; the wheaton is harder to find used. good luck.