Are you Guys Rich or What!?

I have an old system, nothing special, Adcom, Vandersteens etc and I recently set foot for the first time in a "high end" shop, hoping to get to the next level of audio nirvana. When I saw some of the prices for monoblock amplifiers, cables, the latest speakers etc, I practically fell off my chair when I realized that I could blow $50-100K pretty easily on this stuff. I am not rich. Do you big budget system guys all work on Wall Street or something or do you eat macaroni and cheese most nights to put a few bucks away for CDs and your next upgrade?
Boy I could easily spend 100K for a dual use system, and as far as "status" one friend has been over to see my humble gear in almost 2 yrs. I feel no need to show it off, and actually fear it being stolen by someone who either stole it or told someone else about my as for me, I could spend it if I had it, but nobody but you guys would know!
P.S. to qualify why I dont have more company, I am disabled and moved to a new town, so thats a big part of it
I am a poor college student with parents what are well off. My systems retail is impressive to me lol but is still on the cheap end even though I have speakers that would denote a much more expensive system. I curentley earn very little money I work at a gym and a retal store and I also work for Marsha Blackburn (in congress 7th district tn).
i've been out of college for a year and a half, turn 24 in a couple weeks, work freelance, make jack, and have about $30K retail in gear, around 14-ishK out of pocket thanks to good deals and some luck. My parents don't give half a crap about music and don't give me money. I'm still trying to figure out how i've done it. Scary things happen when us impressionable youth show up on audiogon. Two years ago I had a midfi system at best. I am badly addicted, slightly insane and don't mind periods of fasting. The system does a fine job of covering up the hunger pangs LOL.