Are Todays' TT better than Vintage

There are numerous TT out there such as numark, stanton,etc which I would think are better than the vintage due to technology improvements over the years.
I may be wrong.
I don't know if I should get a recent TT such as the above or a vintage.. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have much vinyl to play.
Thanks, Ken
You could go for an early table maybe built around the 80s or early 90s. Finding some of them for as little as ten cents on the dollar will save you a bundle, and get you into great sound with built. Some models to consider Well Tempered, early Vpi, Goldmund,[ can have problems with motor] linn, and other makes and model's that have moved on but the emprovment's are not worth the extra cost.
Every good idea from old turntables has been stolen and incorporated into new models made by other companies. Unless you are talking about very inexpensive turntables, there is nothing old that is as good as the newer gear.

I have had eight turntables in the last twenty years, including Dual, Pioneer, Oracle, and three Sota tables. I don't think there was a table available twenty years ago as good as my Sota Cosmos, but I do think there are a number of better tables today (but not for the money, dollar for dollar Sota is one of the best values in audio).

When Well Tempered came out their product was excellent, now it is dated compared to better current products. VPI has never been on my list for making great products. They are okay, and if you can get a good deal...