Are REL subs magnetically shielded?

Just got my REL Storm lll. I need to know if I can put it close to my Rear projection TV. It doesn't say on website or manual. Thanks
I cannot say it even in favor of the speaker products that claim to be magnetically shielded.
It's easy to check: Place a computer monitor next to your speakers and play music while your computer is working(it's OK and safe if not for a long time). If you see blinking on your screen it means that it's not magnetically shielded. There are speaker products that claim that they're shielded but in real life when you check you know better. Make sure that monitor stays next to the driver(s). There are very few models that are magnetically shielded. So I would suggest to place it at least .6m away from TV.
Hi Artemus. If your TV isn't a CRT, you may be able to place the speaker on or near the screen. I don't think rear projection TVs are affected by magnetic fields the way tube TVs are. So it may not matter where you place the REL in relation to the TV. It might be something worth confirming either way.