Are analog, non-compressed, FM stations a thing of the past?

For many years I have enjoyed the best FM broadcasts I could receive.  Usually from stations playing great Jazz and classical music. 

I have been lucky from the start having, in their day, the best FM tuners from Yamaha and Sansui.  Over the last 10+ years my tuners of choice have been the best from Magnum Dynalab.   

My question/concern is if broadcasts worth listening to, sound wise, will still continue to be available?  I realize there are limitations on the audio signals modulated on FM as to the audio spectrum covered.  However it seems the days of quality FM broadcasts my continue to dwindle and a decent FM tuner/receiver may be all that the broadcasts justify?  When, living in Madison, Wi., I had a MD-108 and Etude and the two local public broadcast stations did have signals that a very good tuner could make the best of, including a wonderful Jazz program hosted by one of the best percussionists in the Madison area.   

Sorry, perhaps just an old guy lamenting the quest of generations past some magazine called it...the absolute sound. 

Perhaps the best thing about great FM stations signals and music broadcast was the ability to hear some music that I might choose to own the LP/CD/SACD etc. 

People have asked as to what the ____ does Whatjd stand for.  In the Firesign Theater cut, Nick Danger, Third Eye, a reoccurring joke is the main female being named Nancy (what) was re-created in the Mel Brooks film, Young Frankenstein, where each time someone said the part played by Cloris Leachman: "Frau Blucher" a horse would neigh.  
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90% of the time I enjoy listening to music from FM radio, especially two stations in southern California, virtually playing commercial free music 24 hours - FM 88.1 KJAZZ and FM 91.5 KUSC (classical music). The signal strength is excellent with help of an (indoor) active antenna named "iBlast" and the sound quality out of this system with an Antique Sound Lab tube integrated amp and a pair of M80 Axiom speakers is superb. I got this FM tuner, Marantz ST-50 off craigslist for $20. I never tried any other FM tuners to compare with but I like the sound quality from this unit. I even sleep with music on. I may never need a DAC and paying for streaming music. I'm sure that its SQ is not as good as those hi-rez/DSD/MQA (anything else) via Tidal/Roon or CD/SACD... but that doesn't matter at all because I do like it a lot. And very very simple operation of all... just turn the amp on and you get this amazing non-stop uninterrupted music 24/7. Simply blessing!